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09 November 2018

Build Your Handyman Business Using Takl

Building a profitable handyman business takes much more than passing out fliers or door knocking. Although these are tried and true methods, unless you hire someone to do this for you, you’ll spend more of your time looking for business rather than doing business and getting paid for doing a great job.

With the technology available today, a new contracting business can gain customers more efficiently because electronic job boards that match customers with providers will do the “looking” for you. You can also do business where you choose when you choose, and for whomever you choose. There are several of these platforms available to every contractor and in this article, we’ll talk about how to build your handyman business using Takl.

What is Takl?

Takl is a web-based job board that connects customers who need various kinds of work done with freelancers, contractors, or moonlighters who know how to do the job. Using internet searches and advertising, the public learns who Takl is and out the platform can help them get jobs done that they aren’t qualified to do or simply don’t have the time.

This job board can be especially helpful for a handyman business since they can do most anything around the house or small business. Takl sets the pricing based on the type of job ordered and the time expected to complete. The platform also handles payment between the customer and provider which serves to protect both parties.

What Takl Says

Takl certainly wants their customers to be happy and they want their providers to get value for using the platform. Knowing this, Takl can get a customer pared with a provider in hours rather than days. They establish reliable pricing based on their research of pricing in the marketplace. Takl even guarantees that if a provider or customer is unhappy with the job, the will work with both parties to find a resolution. They act like a mediator which can enhance the customer experience as well as the provider experience.

What Providers (contractors) are Saying

We did a thorough internet search to determine if providers are happy using the Takl platform for finding work and building a customer base. Many of the providers posted videos on YouTube to offer their opinion of Takl and whether it is worth your while using it to earn a decent wage and build a customer base at the same time.

As with any product or service, some reviews were good and some not so good. Our research found that providers had more positive things to say about Takl than negative. Click here to see and hear for yourself what a typical provider thinks about Takl.

For full disclosure, please note that neither the author nor Fairbanks Insurance Brokers have any financial relationship with Takl. We offer this information as a resource only.

What Customers are Saying about Takl

In our research about customers who’ve done business through the Takl platform, we did find some customer complaints. Not about the Takl platform but about the provider they hired for the job. In most cases we found, Takl did attempt to mediate the situation so that both parties were satisfied.

All job boards like Takl, HomeAdvisor, or Angie’s List, give the customer the opportunity to rate the provider after the job is completed. This review process provides additional motivation for providers to get the job done right in order to please their customer and get rave reviews in return.

The Bottom Line

Takl may or may not be a good fit to help build your business, but consider that you will be earning while learning instead of knocking doors, papering windshields with fliers, while you aren’t working and earning.