Cabinetry Contractors

Fairbanks Insurance Brokers offer an affordable comprehensive insurance package to protect Cabinetry Contractors and their employees.

According to most state licensing boards, Cabinetry Contractors construct and installs cabinets, cases, sashes, doors, trims, non-bearing partitions, and other items of “finish carpentry” by cutting, surfacing, and joining, gluing, and fabricating wood or other products to provide a functional surface.

This contractor also places, erects, and finishes cabinets and millwork in structures. Since cabinet installation involves mounting and attaching heavy cabinets to a form, the use of power tools and heavy lifting presents a substantial risk for the contractor.

Third-party risks of property damage and liability are significant.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Contractors’ General Liability will be the foundation of protection for your cabinetry contractor’s business. The coverage will respond if you or your employees are liable for bodily injury, property damage, or have a products/completed operations complaint.

It provides defense costs against lawsuits brought by a third party.

Workers' Comp

Many states may require cabinetry contractors to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees before they can begin a project. Accidents at the job site can result in a worker becoming injured and missing work.

Your workers’ compensation coverage will provide financial assistance for medical expenses and lost wages.

Surety Bonds

Most states require you to be licensed before you can begin operations. Many states and job owners require cabinetry contractors to provide a contractor’s license or surety bond before they are allowed to bid or commence operations on a project.

Commercial Auto

Typically, cabinetry contractors will have light and heavy vehicles that require commercial auto insurance to assure their vehicle can be repaired or replaced in the event of an accident, vandalism, or theft.

Inland Marine

Also known as Tool Coverage, this policy will reimburse expenses to repair or replace tools and equipment. Your tools are essential to your livelihood, so we encourage carpentry contractors to consider this valuable coverage.