Excavation Contractors

The Fairbanks team will fine-tune a policy for your exact needs.

Our specialty programs are designed to shield Excavation Contractors from the economic landslides brought on by unforeseen risk -

Excavation contractors are in the business of dirt work.

These specialists dig, move, and grade earth with various types of heavy machinery.

There will be considerable risks to mitigate while operating as an excavation contractor.

A comprehensive insurance package is needed to insulate the contractor from unforeseen third-party lawsuits.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Every excavation contractor should carry general liability coverage with sufficient limits to provide a financial safeguard from third-party lawsuits.

Contractors’ general liability insurance will provide defense costs that can contribute significant expenses to a claim.

Workers' Comp

Most state licensing boards are adamant that excavation contractors be responsible for job-related injuries and illnesses to their employees.

Workers’ compensation will provide coverage for work-related injury or illness.

Most states can impose significant penalties and fines for not maintaining a workers’ compensation policy if you employ at least one worker.

Surety Bonds

Most states require a contractor’s license bond to be filed with the state board to activate, reactivate, or renew a license.

The surety bond is for the benefit of consumers damaged from defective construction or license law violations.

Bid, payment, and performance bonds will be common for larger excavation projects.

Commercial Auto

Most excavation contractors use light to heavy vehicles and trailers to transport tools and equipment during operations, all of which can present significant risks for the business.

The vehicles insured under a commercial auto policy can select higher liability limits to protect your business in the event of an accident.

Inland Marine

Excavation equipment is very expensive to purchase or replace.

Inland marine coverage will provide financial assistance if the equipment is damaged by a covered peril or go missing.