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It Can’t Happen To Me!

We would all like to believe that life is as picture perfect as a Hollywood motion picture,and the only real reason for purchasing Contractors Liability Insurance is so we can add a Certificate of Insurance to our bid to help win that next big job that is going to set us ahead a couple months while adding a pretty penny to our nest egg… Then when you least expect it…Slam!! The unthinkable creeps up and blind sides you like a 450 Ton Caterpillar Haul Truck- Thank God Fairbanks Insurance Brokers has you covered with the best Contractors Liability Coverage money can buy! The bottom line is life happens, rocks crack windshields, pipes break, ladders fall, and a 16 penny nail ends up in your leg because you are moving too quickly trying to meet “deadline” as the tip of your nail gun taps your leg while your finger is still on the trigger! OUCH! We are sorry to hear you have suffered a loss but this is the true purpose of why we have insurance coverage.


Only if you absolutely have to! Yes, a paid indemnity showing up on your annual loss run can definitely have an impact on your upcoming premium come renewal time, but the bottom line is if you do not file, its a strong possibility you can find yourself in a massive lawsuit in the following near future. Sometimes we are left with no choice but to move forward with filing a claim with our carrier. Which ever route you decide to go with, as your personal insurance broker, Fairbanks Insurance Brokers is here to assist you throughout this difficult period of time and help make the process flow as smooth as possible! 


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All information submitted on this website is held in the strictest form of confidentiality and is strictly gathered for the purposes of filing a claim with the carrier. Filing a false claim with intent to defraud an insurance provider is illegal and punishable by law. Please complete the form with as much accuracy as possible. A copy of this form will be forwarded to the carrier immediately and a copy will be held in the clients record profile.