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Framing Contractors

According to the CSLB, a framing and rough carpentry contractor performs any form work, framing or rough carpentry necessary to construct framed structures; installs or repairs individual components of framing systems and performs any rough carpentry or associated work, including but not limited to the construction or installation of: sub-flooring, siding, exterior staircases and railings, overhead doors, roof decking, truss members, and sheathing.


All of these services require tools and equipment that can pose a risk to workers and vendors who may be at the job site. Specifically, bodily injury and property damage liability risks are continuously present, but in most cases claims are a result of injuries to the workers themselves. The commercial specialists at Fairbanks Insurance Brokers recommend a package of coverages to provide broad protection for workers involved with each project.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability: Your general liability coverage is the foundation of your commercial insurance package. It offers the financial protection your business needs in the event an action is brought against your or your company for injuries or property damage to a third party.


Workers’ Compensation: Rough framing contractors are certainly prone to work-related injuries from time-to-time and having workers’ comp insulates your company from having to pay medical bills for your workers. If an injury leads to lost wages, the workers’ comp policy will respond to those costs as well.


Surety Bonds: Even though your state licensing office is likely to require a surety bond before you can work on a construction project, the project owner or manager will want a bond as well. The bond protects interested parties of a project in the event you do not meet the terms of the project agreement.


Commercial Auto: Although many contractors use light pickups and vans for business purposes, most personal auto insurance policies will exclude coverage for vehicles used in business. The commercial auto policy is the most appropriate way to insure business vehicles and will provide higher limits of liability that you will need to protect your business from considerable losses.


Tool & Equipment Coverage: Most hand and power tools used by carpentry contractors are expensive to replace. Having Tool & Equipment insurance from Fairbanks Insurance Brokers will provide financial protection in the event your tools are damaged by a covered peril or go missing.