Lathing & Plastering Contractors

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Lath and plaster contractors specialize in a building technique used for finishing the interior dividing walls and ceilings of a building structure.

This trade represents a crucial component of any residential and commercial construction project with operations that involve installing laths and other vital materials to provide a base or bond for such coating.

With the constant use of hazardous tools and machinery at every job site, there is an ongoing risk of injuries and property damage to a third party.

A lathing and plastering contractors’ insurance package will provide the much-needed protection at a job site by transferring the financial exposure to a third-party insurance company through Fairbanks Insurance Brokers.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Contractors’ General Liability insurance is the protection that forms the base for a comprehensive insurance program.

It will financially protect you and your business if found liable for injuries or property damage to third parties.

Workers' Comp

Most states require contractors with employees to have workers’ comp insurance in place to obtain a license or operate.

Lath and plaster contractors’ workers’ compensation is necessary to protect your workers if injured or become ill resulting from work-related activities.

This essential coverage is available to pay medical expenses and lost wages and prevents your employees from suing your business in the event of a work-related injury or illness.

Surety Bonds

The contractor’s surety bond is a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and clientele that you will fulfill the mutual obligations according to your bid, and the vendors get will paid when the work is complete.

A lath and plaster contractors’ bond is the most affordable way to satisfy the financial guarantee typically required by your state’s licensing division and project owners in which you do business.

Commercial Auto

Business vehicles will need a commercial auto policy as most personal auto carriers will not provide sufficient coverage for business operations.

Affordably-priced contractor’s commercial auto coverage will safeguard your vehicles if damaged or stolen.

Lathing and plastering contractors’ commercial auto insurance provides significant liability limits if you or your business is found liable after an accident.

Tool Coverage

Lath & plastering contractors’ tool coverage provided under the contractors’ Inland Marine policy protects tools and equipment if stolen or damaged by a covered peril at the job site, in transit, or in storage.