Locksmith Contractors

Fairbanks Insurance Brokers is your one-stop shop for all construction-related insurance needs.

Our exclusive insurance programs provide Locksmith Contractors the financial protection required for their business, employees, and third parties -

Locksmith contractors specialize in the installation, repair, opening, or modifying locks or originating keys for locks.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

This coverage forms the foundation of your Locksmith Contractors insurance package.

The Contractors’ General Liability policy fortifies your business against third-party lawsuits for injuries or property damage.

Workers' Comp

Most contractor’s licensing boards require a company with employees to maintain a contractor’s workers’ comp policy before issuing a license to work in your state.

Locksmiths Workers’ Comp insurance will financially protect your employees if they are injured or become ill from a job-related incident.

Surety Bonds

Most states require that locksmith contractors get bonded before they can begin operating their business.

The locksmith contractor’s surety bond provides a financial guarantee to your customers that you will complete the job according to your bid and subcontractors or vendors paid upon completion.

Commercial Auto

Locksmith contractors that use vehicles for business, including transporting tools and equipment, need commercial auto and truck insurance for the appropriate protection if damaged in an accident, stolen, or vandalized.

Most contractors’ commercial auto policies will provide up to $1 million combined single limits.

Tool Coverage

Also referred to as Contractors Inland Marine Insurance, Locksmith Contractor’s tool and equipment coverage will reimburse you and your business if your tools or equipment are damaged or stolen at the job site, in transit, or while in storage.