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23 November 2018

Build Your Pressure Washing Business with Thumbtack

Certainly, the most important part of any business is the customers, especially repeat customers. One of the advantages of being a pressure washer contractor is that walls, decks, windows, and roofs get dirty over time and a pressure washer contractor, one a book of business is built sufficiently, will typically have repeat customers. The hard...
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16 November 2018

What are Commercial Insurance Class Codes?

As a commercial risk manager, you’d be surprised at how many calls I got that started something like, “I’m a contractor, how much would general liability cost me?” This is not unusual and it’s easy to understand that most new business owners are not aware of how insurance companies establish rates for the many types...
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09 November 2018

Build Your Handyman Business Using Takl

Building a profitable handyman business takes much more than passing out fliers or door knocking. Although these are tried and true methods, unless you hire someone to do this for you, you’ll spend more of your time looking for business rather than doing business and getting paid for doing a great job. With the technology...
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26 October 2018

Why You Should Consider Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The label “umbrella insurance” is a good description of a wide-ranging type of insurance coverage that is used to protect your company from liabilities that could threaten its financial steadiness. Commercial Umbrella insurance extends over other underlying policies to provide added coverage when certain forms of underlying policies have reached their limits. It can also...
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