Water Conditioning Contractors

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Water Conditioning Contractors can depend on Fairbanks Insurance Brokers for A-rated protection against unforeseen hazards and third-party claims -

Water Conditioning Contractors install and connect water conditioning equipment to residential and commercial structures.

Although water conditioning and water softening are very different processes that eliminate or alter certain chemicals found in the water supply, a contractor that connects these systems are often required to have a license in most states.

Since water conditioning contractors operate in or around occupied buildings, there are considerable exposures to risks for bodily injury, property damage, and products-completed operations.

Our team of contractors’ insurance professionals recommends a package of commercial insurance products that shield Water Conditioning Contractors from third-party action.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Because of the consistent hazards at the job site, water conditioning contractors should carry a Contractors’ General Liability Policy for financial protection needed if found liable for injuries or property damage to a third party.

Water Conditioning Contractors’ General Liability Insurance provides coverage for products-completed operations that protect against customer lawsuits alleging property damage or injury due to your product or completed service.

Many states require Water Conditioning Contractors’ Liability Insurance before your license can be issued.

Workers' Comp

Contractors’ Workers’ Comp protects your employees if they are injured or become ill from a job-related incident.

Many states mandate Water Conditioning Contractors’ Workers’ Compensation to satisfy the state’s requirements to become licensed.

Contractors’ Workers’ Compensation will be available to pay medical expenses and lost wages. It also prevents you from being financially responsible for an employee’s work-related injury or illness.

Surety Bonds

Most state licensing boards and customers require water conditioning contractors to provide a Contractors’ Surety Bond before they can begin working on a project.

Your Contractors’ Surety Bond is a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and your clients that you will complete the job according to the project agreement and that all subcontractors and suppliers get paid as agreed.

Commercial Auto

Water conditioning contractors should never take the chance of insuring their company vehicles on a personal auto policy.

Your Contractors’ Commercial Auto Policy will offer higher limits and allow unlimited vehicles and drivers.

Water Conditioning Contractors’ Commercial Auto Coverage financially insulates your business from claims that result from an at-fault accident or other covered peril.

Inland Marine

Water conditioning contractors use expensive tools and equipment every day for every job.

Inland Marine, Contractors’ Equipment Insurance offers the financial protection your business needs if tools or equipment are damaged due to a covered peril or stolen from the job site or while in transit.

Contractors’ Inland Marine (Tool and Equipment Insurance) provides the coverage needed to repair or replace equipment damaged by a covered peril.